What are your personal life goals?

I was clueless when I was asked about it..

4 min readApr 30, 2019
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Being a startup guy, your day starts with a bunch of problems to solve, and the day ends with new bunch of problems to be solved next day and that’s called a startup life. But it’s true for anyone working and thriving for goals. But the here’s the catch, what are those goals? Are they personal goals to live life king size or to thrive for becoming better and better at what you do which may or may not have relevance to your personal life.

I get to meet lot of intellectuals and always analyze their thinking, their mindset, what are their priorities and how they want to lead their lives. I am more interested in understanding and learning and learnt from many around me that, I don’t have personal life with complete workaholic personality. If you ask me I won’t deny that, and the reason I know is that I am now habituated to work only. I got so much involved into the work since long without taking a break, a vacation or even fun weekends, I have accepted that work is the only truth for me. I don’t know how good or bad it is, but it’s a truth of my life.

Why I am writing this here today? I got a question from someone I met recently that what are your personal goals? What you want to do after all the success you achieve? Have you ever gave a thought on how you want to spend your success in your life? I had loss of words, as I didn’t have answer. I gave a thought at the moment as well but couldn’t collect lot of data as it was not even prepared in my mind. But the point is valid, not today but someday I’ll have my personal life, will be surrounded by people who’ll be sharing their lives with me. What then? How do you make sure, where you’re leading your life? It is being said that everything is a part of life, your work, your family, your hobbies, etc. But for now my life is part of my work life and so it is lying somewhere in the corner waiting for its turn to shine on me. But here I’m, giving no chance to it, not have even thought about.

So what to do??

I have realized that I don’t have personal life goals because I never gave a thought to it. I have always dreamed of work and when I’m working I don’t give a damn about anything. But thanks to my recent less hectic schedule, I got some time to think about it. I came up with a thought which might be little complicated to understand, but it could be a possibility for people like me.

I thought about building personal goals, but couldn’t gather much just because of I guess my mentality is now workaholic and I can’t think anything except work. So here is what I come up with.

Have you ever imagined, two people living together, got married, leading their individual lives and their marriage life as well. Someone told me that a matrimonial alliance could only last if they complement each other, meaning if one wants to fly high, the other has to stay to the ground to balance life. This led me to a thought that is it possible that you can live your life in someone else’s dreams. Can anyone live somebody else’s life? Can anyone be a part of somebody’s else dreams? If I don’t have my personal dreams and desires, can I be a part of someone else’s and help them achieve those dreams along with my professional goals? Looks good. Isn’t it?

I find it’s a good idea specifically for those who’re like me and I have also found out, there’re many like me. You don’t believe it? There are people, who have never given a time for personal life and never thought of it. I have seen people planning for big home, big car, trips and vacation years before they really earn it but they do dream for, they do think of it and that gives them a power to fight for those dreams. People like me don’t have cars and vacations planned but yes definitely we love to live life, whatever it takes, however it feels, with whoever you live. Now the point is to get your self positioned in some one else’s dreams when you don’t have such and help them achieve those dreams because life is all about help each other grow and give your hand for someone to climb through and take someone’s hand to climb up. It’s always people, who’ll make you or break you and it depends completely on what kind of people you live with.

What do you think? Is it compulsory to have personal desires and goals for everyone? Do you have any personal life goals? Or you’re like me workaholic and never thought about!




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